We commit to high-quality control, innovation, and sustainability in the development of all ANOTHER LAND products with our specialised Research & Development team in Taiwan (Jolab).


To run on 100% renewable energy by 2030

We are a RE100 member and are committed to the maximum reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. We are dedicated to running on 100% renewable energy by 2030 and establishing our solar power generation system.

Reduce the consumption of natural resources and maximise the efficacy of our products

We believe that resources are limited and focus on how to maximise waste reduction while elevating the efficacy of our products at the same time. The development of ZeroDilute™ is one example – we have reduced the consumption of water while ensuring every drop of our products are their most effective and powerful.

A focus on carbon footprint even after selling

We choose D2C (Direct to Customer) as our business model, not only because it can prevent unnecessary markups, but also to reduce the transportation pathway and its carbon dioxide emissions.

We care about life

We pledge to be cruelty-free and only provide cruelty-free products. We reject animal-based raw materials even though they can be obtained without killing (such as honey.)


Our development and production facility was shortlisted for the WAF Completed Building: Production Energy and Recycling Award in 2021. We use energy-efficient cladding and natural lighting within our development and production facility, reducing air conditioning usage by 70% and indoor UV rays by 70-80%. We have also built an in-house water recycle system that saves at least about 2,640 tons of water every year.


An all-out effort to minimise environmental impacts

We evaluate the impact of every component of our products, and reducing it is one of our core product design dogmas. All ANOTHER LAND product bottles are made of 100% recyclable materials, and we don’t use outer box packaging even though they can be made from FSC paper – we are fully committed to sustainability.