Trademarked formulas exclusive to ANOTHER LAND


A trademarked formulation at ANOTHER LAND which replaces water in our Self Care products with Organic Aloe Extract, to enhance restorative and moisturising properties, and provide a better, environmentally-friendly ingredient alternative. Obtained by a patented, sustainable technique, which won’t cause negative environmental effects, Organic Aloe Extract is also rich in amino acids and polysaccharides, which can repair the skin and reduce sebum secretion.


A patented and exclusive ingredient to ANOTHER LAND, DermaFortify™ mimics the function of skin’s hydrolipidic film and provides it with essential lipids, such as triglyceride, ceramides, and sterols from plants. High skin compatibility allows DermaFortify™ to form a protective layer that reduces skin water loss and acts as an emollient. It can also repair skin and strengthen its barrier function to protect against irritants, keeping it healthy.