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26 October 2023, Written by Stephanie Peh
Illustrated by Ryotaro Hirosaki

Air is free and freeing. Mindful breathing reduces anxiety and enhances our emotional well-being. Japanese graphic designer and illustrator Ryotaro Hirosaki created these artworks while contemplating the effects of allowing our inhalations and exhalations to guide us through life.

Dedicating time to short breathing exercises throughout the day can lead to improved focus and better performance. In this illustration, a mist cloud painted in soft and soothing colours gently blossoms around a human face, portraying the calm and relaxing aura that is created each time we breathe.

A breathing ritual can be enhanced with aromatherapy to uplift the spirit. A botanic form emerges from a stem, visualising the soothing notes of lemon and grapefruit found in ANOTHER LAND's Instant Solace Facial Essence Mist. Inspired by the citron fruits, bright colours evoke feelings of warmth, openness and creativity, encouraging boundless expression.

In consideration of hectic modern lives, ANOTHER LAND created the Instant Solace Facial Essence Mist to invite pause. Formulated with ZeroDilute™, a trademarked formulation at ANOTHER LAND that replaces precious water with organic aloe extract, the facial essence mist is deeply moisturising and restorative.

A breathing person is portrayed through organic forms and purple shades that represent the flowers of rosemary cineol and marjoram—two other core ingredients used in the Instant Solace Facial Essence Mist. As part of a daily self-care ritual, misting the face with these aromatic herbs can help promote even breathing to find balance in the everyday.

Ryotaro Hirosaki
Freelance graphic designer and illustrator

Born in 1996, Ryotaro Hirosaki graduated from the Art and Engineering department from Nagoya City University. After that, he worked for a graphic design office before becoming a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. He is known for creating abstract graphics using gentle curves and outlines.

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