Featuring the Fresh Valley Toilet Mist

13 April 2024, Written by Stephanie Peh
Illustrated by Charlotte Trounce

The bathroom can serve as a temporary sanctuary for moments of solitude and self-reflection. By introducing a favourite scent or putting on some background music, the toilet can transform into a comforting haven to help us briefly disconnect from the daily demands of life.

As a young parent, Charlotte cherishes every opportunity to relax—no matter how brief. A long, hot bath is one of her ways to slow down and clear her mind. Additionally, she finds solace in indulging in skincare routines if time allows.

Despite its seemingly mundane nature, attending to personal needs while catching up on the headlines can be an oddly comforting affair to some, possibly due to the sense of routine it provides.

In her illustrations, Charlotte employs simple yet deliberate black-and-white lines to depict the bathroom environment and its occupants relaxing. This tranquil base imagery contrasts with bold and fluid shapes meant to convey the transformative effects of the Fresh Valley Toilet Mist.

A potent tool for eliminating unpleasant odours, the Fresh Valley Toilet Mist is infused with a blend of aromatic citrus oils, which brings forth a medley of scents that calm and soothe, providing solace to the weary. A couple of spritzes are sufficient to envelop the bathroom to create a refreshing atmosphere reminiscent of springtime.

“In my illustrations, I wanted to capture the sensation of being transported to another land—the idea that a typical bathroom experience can be elevated by the use of the Fresh Valley Toilet Mist because the scent is so fragrant and powerful,“ explains Charlotte.

Charlotte Trounce

Charlotte Trounce is an illustrator currently living in Edinburgh. Since graduating from University College Falmouth in 2011, she has developed a style of illustration that is highly personal and distinctive, while also offering the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of commissions and clients, spanning publishing and editorial, advertising, product design and corporate identities. Working mostly in paint, Charlotte brings life and colour to the every day—often inspired by simple objects, as well as the people, landscapes and architecture that surround her.

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